Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Week 18

   It's week 18! I am just so excited! We found out we are having a sweet little girl. Hadley Blaire is the name. That's firm. We aren't going to change it. I only say this because we have had a couple of people question the name. Mostly the middle name, but I'm here to say, T and I have thought this name through and through. And we absolutely love the name. So it is so not going to change. :P
   That being said, let's get down to business! :D
Week 18! 

How big is the baby:  The baby is as big as a bell pepper or a sweet potato! :P

Weight Gain/Loss:  I still look like I've lost weight. But I don't know. I don't really weigh myself..

Cravings:  Snickers. I don't even like snickers. Oh and chick fil a. I have been craving that for a while now.

Food Aversions:  Just beef. Oh and I made some popcorn that was buttery and it smelled like old stinky feet. Is that weird?

People's Comments:  "Can I touch it?" (Referring to the baby) And, "Are you going to use the epidural?" (Me: Well hopefully not. It scares me. I'd rather scream in pain.) "Well, you won't last with that one. You'll end up getting one." (oh gee thanks)

General Mood:  Kinda all over the place. Happy and moody. I cry at dumb things, sometimes I just cry. :P

Fears:  That at our 20 week radiology scan the tech is going to say, "Oh look it's a little boy!" Not that I don't want a little boy. But for two weeks I have been thinking I have a little girl inside of me. Although, the tech at Unique Ultrasound was very confident that Hadley is 100 percent a girl. "A textbook picture of a girl." So It's not a CRAZY fear. :P

Things I was surprised by:  How much I cried when I found out the gender. I wasn't really hoping for one or the other. Knowing the gender just makes it so real! I am growing a little girl inside me!!

Things I am most looking forward to:  Baby kicks! It should be soon! But then again my little girl was yawing at 1 during the day.

What I think is Cool/Crazy so far:  A girl!!!!

Stretch Marks:  Yes. My thighs!!!

Maternity Clothes:  Well, I turned a pair of jeans that the zipper was broken into maternity jeans! It took about and hour and a half, maybe two hours to do. I followed this link: Go Here It looks simple enough. But beware. It's not.  Be very careful of the material and cut of the jeans. 

Showing:  Yes. When I sit down I just look chunky. But when I stand up I look like I have a little bump!! And when I lay down. I think it's cute! 

Movement:  No. Not yet, It is kind of frustrating. But it's also not. :P

Gender:  A girl!!! Hadley Blaire!

Innie or Outie:  Innie!


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