Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Week 14--Second Trimester

How big is the baby: Lil Beasty is the size of a lemon this week! 

Weight Gain/Loss: Honestly, I have no idea lol

Cravings: Froyo! Babes and I had a mini date to get some! 

Food Aversions: Nothing!(:

People's Comments: People just keep asking about the gender so far. I don't know! :P

General Mood: So so so happy! i was having some pretty intense mood swings but now I'm just happy happy happy. :D 

Fears: No fears! Worries, yes. lol.  

Things I was surprised by: How hard it is to buy gender neutral things for the baby. Little things, but still. 

Things I am most looking forward to: Our next appointment is June 15th, RIGHT after my birthday. Yay! We will be so close to finding out the gender! 

What I think is Cool/Crazy so far: Stomach muscle twitches!!!

Stretch Marks: On my thighs, which is weird. 

Maternity Clothes: Nope! But my clothes are getting tighter and tighter...and tighter and tighter..

Showing: Yes! I'm not putting up a picture this week because it's only a little bigger than last week. 

Movement: Muscle twitches...hehe 

Gender: We don't know yet, but yes, we plan on finding out. 

Innie or Outie: Neither obviously lol
I am so excited. I mean really, It just keeps getting better and better. Our little one is growing so big and that makes me so happy! I love you little peanut! 


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