Sunday, June 28, 2015

This really cool thing we found out...

Hadley Blaire 
Our little baby girl!!

I couldn't be more excited! 
When I was laying on the table and she brought up the picture of my little one.
I almost cried RIGHT THERE. 
But then the tech got a bottom shot. 
"Well, are you ready?"
"She is a she! You're having a girl!"
I covered my face. Because I started crying.
And when I looked at T he was smiling so so big. 
We left, and went straight to the mall. 
We bought a  pack of onesies.
(They are so friggin tiny!)
And a cute little dress.
I about bawled again. 
I teared up. 
Right there in the middle of the mall. 
And kept smiling.
And then when we got home. We told our families!
Skyped them. And had them guess a gender. 
Then we pulled out the pink onesie and said
"We're having a girl!!"
The excitement was so awesome.
I don't think I have stopped smiling. 
I can't wait for our little bundle of Joy!!
Did I mention we got to see her yawn??
And suck her thumb!!?
And the tech said that baby girl was sitting RIGHT on my bladder.
No wonder I think I have to use the restroom when really, I don't. 


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