Monday, June 15, 2015


T and I decided to do a group thing on base called Centering.
It's for a group of pregnant ladies (and their spouses if they so choose) where we meet once a month and all of these lovely ladies are around the same due date. 
So somewhere in December for us.
Today was our first time all meeting.
It was so awkward to say the least.
But then, it was actually really informational and had a lot of cool people.
At least this way you get more appointments and you get to hear the adorable little heartbeat!!
I heard ours today, 150! 
It was so cool! 
Plus the midwife was AWESOME.
So, it's a little strange to share my appointment with, eh, roughly 10-15 other women.
But it's kind of a cool experience too. 
I'll be 16 weeks tomorrow. 
Only 4 more weeks till we know the gender.
Time is FLYING by!


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