Friday, September 18, 2015

Is there room in there?

So, I didn't post for week 29.
Mostly because I feel like week 30 is a better, what's the word/phrase, time mark?
I don't know exactly.
But anyways, I decided to post because I would like to remember this feeling. Hadley has been playing tag with me! I've gotten to push back on her when she pushes out my stomach. It's kind of been absolutely amazing. Also, I am pretty sure me being short torso'd is not helping with all of the chest, back, and hip pain... When I am sitting upright, something of hers goes into my ribs, pretty much a guarantee, every time I'm sitting. It's starting to make them sore as well. And worry me, am I not sufficient enough to hold my baby girl inside of me? She shouldn't be running out of room already right?!? My belly button hasn't even popped yet! I mean, yes, it's dangerously close, but still...
Okay, I'm done!
I aaammmm so excited, because I have a surprise for Ton' tomorrow. And then I'll post what it is for week 30. Hehe! I feel so mischievous. :D
Love you baby girl, Hadley!


  1. ooooh ~ I can't wait to hear what the surprise is!! Yeah - there's room for Hadley, but it IS a tighter squeeze for us short girls. You're on the home stretch ~ can you believe it?? :-)

  2. p.s. I like the background. It reminds me of a cozy outfit Lex had when she was around 1. May have been Lily's too. can't remember....