Saturday, June 13, 2015

Just some baby stuff

So we try and buy diapers and/or wipes every paycheck. But on pinterest I came across a lot of cool sites with promo codes for free things where you only need to pay shipping and handling. with the promo code BUMP5 will get you 5 leggings for free with only 12.95 shipping and handling.
The leggings are 10.00 each. So a 50 dollar value for 12.95.
I also got a cool little breast feeding pillow.
(Which to be honest I could have sewn myself...)
Also a 50 value for just shipping and handling.
Since we don't know the gender right now its really fun for me and tony to get diapers and what not to pass the time.
Next Tuesday ill be 16 weeks. And our midwife said we would be having our anatomy appointment sometime between 16 and 20 weeks.
I can barely conceal my excitement!! I'm pretty sure we will be scheduling the anatomy apt on Monday!!
And thanks everyone for the birthday wishes!!
And thanks babes, for making my birthday so fun!
I love you!