Friday, July 22, 2016


I'm sorry I haven't posted in a long while. Life seemed to be just too busy, or too fun to actually sit and write. I know. What a lame excuse. But it's the truth. When Tony is home, I am trying to spend all of my time with him. I know once he leaves in a bit I'll go crazy. Hadley is still growing. Like crazy of course. Everyday it seems she gets bigger and bigger. Everyday it seems I have to watch her more and more closely! She puts EVERYTHING into her mouth. I have to vacuum every time I bring her into the living room because our awesome Kat (that's her name:) likes to bring small things in here. But it's been a fun little journey so far. Watching those two play can make my whole day! Hadley giggling, and Kat clearly teasing her. Love them! 

So I guess now we can move on to the picture portion. I know most of these are on Facebook now. (Yeah! I have one of those now!) But not all of them are. Some are left just for the blog!! (; 

I've been trying my hardest to lose weight. I workout. I am finally eating healthy! I still make mistakes. But it's getting easier. I'm proud of myself! My legs aren't giant anymore. And my arms are starting to lean out a tiny bit. I'm getting there! 

I curled my hair!! It lasted like 3 hours, tops. But, hey!! It finally curled!! I may try again soon. Who knows! I got some pretty good selfies out of it! XP 

Okay, I'm done now!! 
Well, next I guess would be our anniversary! We had such a fun day! And Tony planned it all on his own!! We got our neighbors daughter to watch Hadley for a few hours and we headed out on our bikes! (Yes, mama Tracy, I have a bike! But don't worry, it's small, it doesn't go super fast and I'm always always safe on it!:P) 
So here is how our day went! 


My beautifully handsome man! <3 

Honestly, right now, that sounds really good!!! We love sushi. We should learn how to make it!! Hhmmmm..
Anyhow, moving on. We rode some more to our next destination. Considering that I don't have my license yet, we couldn't go to, say, San Diego. I'm not allowed to ride on the freeway, at night, or with passengers! So that restricted us a tiny bit. But I'm okay with those restrictions. I wouldn't feel comfortable doing any of them anyhow!! But riding longer than two miles was a lot of fun!! ((: 

This is at Boomers! An entertainment place!? Lol. It has Put-Put, and laser tag, and water bumper boats, and then on the inside it has a ton of arcade type stuff. Tony and I were supposed to go to the movies. But we thought we'd have more fun playing games. And we so did! Or at least I know I did. I felt like a kid. Haven't felt that way in a long long time. We made 800 tickets together. It was fun! ((: 

It was a good anniversary. So thanks babycakes! Happy four years of marriage. <3 

We had some fun taking photos on our bikes! 

I couldn't help but laugh at myself. Besides, laughing at yourself is good medicine. (: 

Thanks babe, for taking crazy photos of me and loving me! ((: 

July 19, 2012 
The day I married my best friend. <3

Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Happy Wife, Happy Life

I love this saying. It's so funny and so popular. :P
But it's so true. 
Our lives have been so easy and fun and happy.
Of course I'm still waiting for the fit to hit the shan. 
But, maybe this is just what is going to be for a little while.
And to be perfectly honest. I deserve this.
I deserve to be happy.
So, June is gone. And July is passing us by.
July 4th was a success, we did a total of NOTHING, and I loved it. 
We grilled, and ate and played video games.
Now, pictures. are worth a thousand words.

Isn't she fabulous!

"I can feed my girl with no hands!"

She sometimes wakes up and just smiles so much!! 

I finally found my very own bike.
And I love it. 

Look at me being all safe and cute. 

I love this girl right here! #wcw

I love my family. 
Very much.
Even my adoptive family.
(My inlaws, duh.)
Thank you so much for always having my back and treating me like your own child.
You will never know how much I appreciate it. 

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Run Wild My Child

Lets start with this beautiful little drink. I went #basicwhitegirl for a moment and had to try this almond milk drink that tastes like pink starburst. It is called the #pinkdrink. 
It was awesome! 
Now for the awesomeness that is us. 
I have decided to update a lot of our kitchen appliances. We have had used pans since before the moment we got married. So four years of wear and tear plus how ever many more before us. They have been good to us, but the non stick is starting to look pretty rugged. So we are buying little things a little at a time to replace the old. Tony and I are both very sentimental people about the weirdest things. 
I have been researching low carb recipes. And just general healthiness.
Last night we had a Spaghetti Squash Carbonara. 

So. Good. 

This morning I had such a great little breakfast! 
And it's so healthy! 

So yummy!
I take a lot of pictures for Hadley's "Monthly Pictures". 
And sometimes I forget until she is cranky. 
Thank goodness she is such an easy baby to make smile.
But sometimes. 
I capture the very very rare unhappy face.
And somehow she is still so darn cute!!!
I mean look at her! 
(And yes, that is Batman, and yes, I am a nerd.)


Not so happy! 
Sometimes I'm weird. :P 
But Tony loves me, so that's all that really matters. 

Our baby girl is now doing things that I both approve and disprove of. 
Sitting up.
And not being in the carseat in the carts at stores.
Stop growing!! 
But, keep growing. 
I'm so conflicted!! 
As you can see...
Take a look!!  

I was told she looked like a little barbie doll.
Yeah, she's beautiful.
She no longer needs me! ));

So for my birthday. 
We went to sea world.
I asked for this because, well, it's free!
And fun! 
And Hadley loved everything about it!! 
Especially all of the people to give her attention.
My goodness! 
Nope. Not the fishies. 
My little girl is going to be a social butterfly! 
How awesome is this!

He is so tall. She is so chaotic. So fun. 

We are seriously the cutest! 


Can our daughter get any cuter?!
I think she can! 

She loves baths and showers. With mommy. Not alone.

Happy birthday to my Great Grandmother.
June 8th.
Omgosh! I was just told we don't have to go to court anymore. And that is seriously just the icing on my June cake!!
Tony and I were wondering when something was going to go wrong.
Our lives are too good right now.
It makes me so happy.
But scared!
I do believe I am done.
I'm sure I could go on and on.
But I won't.
For Tony, who I know reads my blog;

Thank You so very much for my birthday.
You are such an amazing husband and father and son.
You are my one true love and I couldn't be prouder of you!