Thursday, November 19, 2015

Week 38

I feel like a whale. I feel like a whale that ate another, bigger whale and that bigger whale is trying to get out by pushing in every direction and if it would just calm down and do what it is supposed to do then the bigger whale would come out easily, and the smaller whale would be able to breathe again and move normally and not hurt and ache. Sorry, Hadley, I guess momma just compared us to a couple of whales. :P But seriously, this little girl is so stubborn! I have an appointment on Tuesday, at 39 weeks, to get a membrane sweep done IF I am dilated. Hopefully all of the evening primrose oils and pineapple at least helped with that. I am just ready to hold my baby girl at this point.
   Today I got a huge gift from the women of our church back home and cried. Which I cry at everything these days, but I was just so thankful. I miss our old church!! And I miss everyone back home. Christmas does that. So does Thanksgiving, but I just love Christmas! :P But anyway, there is laundry to be done, and my back is starting to ache super bad. Until next time!!


  1. When your mom gets there, you guys need to do a photo shoot (like, right away! ;-) XXOO

    1. Yes you HAVE told me! lol. And...but...I am SO SO BIG!!!!

  2. (did I ever tell you that this background always reminds me of an outfit Lex had when she was about a year old?)