Monday, March 28, 2016

Jumbled Thoughts

   Sometimes, my brain goes kind of crazy. I never knew how much a mom had to do. I never even imagined I'd be a wife, let alone a mother. So many nights awake, so much hair falling out. So many dinners made while trying to calm little Hadley. So many diapers. So many onesies. So many outfits, and headbands. So many lost binkys. Lost socks. So many nights where T and I go to bed exhausted from our busy busy days. Not to mention starting the gym. We both are trying to take care of ourselves, take care of each other, and take care of Hadley. And don't get me started on the marines that T has to babysit. Grown men. Grown men that need their rooms cleaned, and their lives under a micro-scope. Oh yeah, and then there is court that we have to attend in June. Ugh. Our lives are so busy. I am so excited to go visit AR and see our friends and family! To have a small break. T and I joke about having another baby sometimes, and really, we can't wait. But really, we can definitely wait. :P I never thought I could love two people so immensely. Even in the middle of all of our busy busy lives, I fall in love with my hubby and my daughter every single day. Every smile, and laugh and even though I'm busy and crazy and emotional and crazy, and oh yeah, crazy, I still am just so in love with my little family.  I love you darlings.