Friday, December 4, 2015

What is wrong...?

Someone I know made the comment, "These people irritate me, popping out children and over-populating the earth." Which of course bothered me since I am VERY pregnant. And the fact that my husband and I PLANNED the pregnancy. I see nothing wrong with, what my mother in law said, "A couple having two children to replace themselves." Plus, if you want a big family, to love and hold and cherish then what's the problem? I obviously mean this in a way of big families that stick together and aren't all from different daddies. Sorry if that's harsh. What I DONT understand is when you look up things like, "what is wrong with wanting kids," or "encouragement for soon to be mothers," you get pages full of "There's nothing wrong with NOT wanting kids." And "I don't want kids." And these women are just SO against having children. Which is fine!! But that's not what I looked up. I wanted to see why it IS ohkay to have children. There is no positive feedback for wanting children. My own mother posted this on Pinterest just today: 

I wanted to find SOMETHING, SOMEWHERE that was encouraging. That made me feel empowered to be a mother. Because I know I'm made to be a mommy. Hadley's mommy. And I realized. I was looking in all the wrong places. I needed to pray. Because God knows what's best for me. And for my family. T and I are so excited to have a little baby girl. The world is a big and scary place, and it has a lot of not nice and nasty, scary people in it. But I cannot wait to show Hadley the beauties of this world. To show her that it's ohkay to be sweet in a world where sweet isn't most people's go to. I hope she grows up knowing that her mom and dad love her very much. And when she feels truly alone, that God loves her too. I pray that I can show her the world in a different light than what I was shown. And I hope that, through God, I can do just that. So to the woman who doesn't want kids. Good for you! But I'm ohkay with the fact that I want children. I'm ohkay with wanting to be a mom. I don't think I'm over-populating the world. I'm just replacing myself. Or T. Or the woman who never wanted kids. 
I love you Hadleybear!! Forever and Always!! 


  1. Such a good post!!!! You go girl, you are going to be an amazing mom. I've seen all that stuff touting not wanting kids as well, I have no idea why being a mom is downgraded by society. It's creating and then molding another person for a lifetime, leaving a huge legacy, having someone to love for life...HELLO!?!?!?

    1. I can't believe I didn't see this comment! Thanks! lol