Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Happy Wife, Happy Life

I love this saying. It's so funny and so popular. :P
But it's so true. 
Our lives have been so easy and fun and happy.
Of course I'm still waiting for the fit to hit the shan. 
But, maybe this is just what is going to be for a little while.
And to be perfectly honest. I deserve this.
I deserve to be happy.
So, June is gone. And July is passing us by.
July 4th was a success, we did a total of NOTHING, and I loved it. 
We grilled, and ate and played video games.
Now, pictures. are worth a thousand words.

Isn't she fabulous!

"I can feed my girl with no hands!"

She sometimes wakes up and just smiles so much!! 

I finally found my very own bike.
And I love it. 

Look at me being all safe and cute. 

I love this girl right here! #wcw

I love my family. 
Very much.
Even my adoptive family.
(My inlaws, duh.)
Thank you so much for always having my back and treating me like your own child.
You will never know how much I appreciate it. 


  1. What is this bike business???!
    Our baby girl is growing up waay to fast! Give her kisses from Mimi, please. Lots of 'em.... Love you all so very much! XO