Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Week 27

Woohoo! Week 27!! Lets get down to it!

Week 27

How big is the baby:  Hadley is as big as a cucumber! Over two pounds and roughly 15 inches long.

Weight Gain/Loss:  I have no idea. I can say my appetite has definitely gone up, and I feel heavier. :P

Cravings:  I haven't really had cravings except for hotdogs. I want some every like two weeks.

Food Aversions:  Still beef. Yucky. 

People's Comments:  Nothing lately. People do CLEARLY stare at my belly and then smile up at me. 

General Mood:  I was stressed, I have some upcoming events that are on my mind, stressing me out but overall, I am a happy camper. Life is good. (:

Fears:  Well, uhm, I am not sure. Everything and nothing. I feel like if I don't worry a little then I won't be prepared when something really does go wrong! But I am also trying to be as positive as possible. I know, it's a whirlwind of crazy.

Things I was surprised by:  How hard a little two pound human can kick me from the inside. This girl is a boxer! 

Things I am most looking forward to:  Hearing her little heartbeat at this months centering appointment! :D

What I think is Cool/Crazy so far:  Basically goes along with the things that I was surprised by, just how hard she can kick. Two pounds doesn't seem that big, but she is! 

Stretch Marks:  Still on my thighs. I have been putting lotion on everywhere. My belly still looks good! I hope it stays that way! But my hips have some too, now. Gr!

Maternity Clothes:  T offers to get some overtime we go out and I refuse. I don't know why, I just am not a shopper for myself. But I really should. Even my shorts with the tie on the button has started to dig into my belly. So, I guess it is time to invest in a pair of pants, shorts, and maybe a shirt. 

Showing:  Oh yes. Apparently I am "small for how far along" I am. But I feel like a whale. My hands are friggin swollen, if I am on my feet for more than an hour they look like I broke them. 

Movement:  Ohhhhh yeah. It isn't super regular, but my goodness when she does kick and move around she is just going at it! 

Innie or Outie:  So, my belly still cannot make up it's mind if its gonna stay an innie or be an outie. I actually love outies, belly buttons do go back though....right??
So, that is for week 27, I cannot believe I am so far along! I mean I know I still have  ways to go, but my goodness it is going by so fast. And October can't be over fast enough, dumb Marine Corps... But anyway, this month is going to be spent with mostly my love. His 23rd birthday is on the 13th, and then he is getting ready for a LONG month of October. But, then, we will be so much closer to little Hadley being here! So, we love you baby girl! We can't wait to meet you!! 

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  1. Yay for big strong HadleyGirl!!! (and booo for a long October : / Bleh!)
    Yeah, probably about time to pick up a few maternity pieces, or you'll find yourself *having* to shop when you REALLY don't have anything to wear. and that won't be fun at all!
    I never found anything to keep away the stretch marks (not that I was overly faithful about applying any potions on a regular basis...) And I freely admit that I cried when I got my first one (with Lana. Never got one w TJ, but then, he was born at 28.5 wks...)

    Baby kicks are so much fun to watch :-)