Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Week 19

Yay! Week 19 is here! Only one more week and I'll be half way there! I just can't even believe I am already almost half way there! So many big things are coming up! Including Hadley growing like a weed! So let's get this started! :D
Week 19

How big is the baby:  Hadley is around 6in long and half a pound! My baby girl is half a pound!!!

Weight Gain/Loss:  Well, that depends on what time of the day you ask me. If I have eaten then I look 6 months pregnant. But in the mornings I look tiny. But looks can be deceiving. :P So until my apt on July 13th I don't really know. If I focussed on my weight I wouldn't be a happy lady. 

Cravings:  Chocolate. OH. So this morning, while T was getting ready for work. So sometime before 5am. I was laying in bed, half asleep, when I woke up a little more smelling something absolutely amazing! I think it was barbecue. I don't really like barbecue. So uh, Hadley, no no. lol

Food Aversions:  None. I guess I can say I have had such an easy pregnancy. Besides the hormones. 

People's Comments:  Oh gosh, let's see. "Oh my gosh can I feel it?"~ "Your belly is so hard!!"~ "There is really a baby in there!!" (This one made me giggle, nope, it's a dinosaur.)~ "Can you believe you are growing a human?" (Well, yeah, I mean I remind myself of this one everyday.)

General Mood:  I feel so so so bad for T. My hormones have been absolutely crazy. I am generally happy. But the littlest of things make me cry too. So, yeah, the hormones are cray cray.

Fears:  I have come to the conclusion that Hadley is lazy. But only because I haven't been able to feel her kick me. The flutters haven't been as frequent as they used to be. So it's a little nerve racking to only get to make sure your baby is doing okay every now and again.

Things I was surprised by:  It's real. People will touch your belly. A lot. 

Things I am most looking forward to:  July 13th. I should get to hear baby Hadley's heartbeat. Which always makes me tear up with emotions. And baby kicks!

What I think is Cool/Crazy so far:  I will start out so small in the mornings, and then by the time I go to sleep, I look like I have three Hadley's growing inside me. 

Stretch Marks:  Still just on my thighs! I keep telling myself I am going to get some cream or something but I don't. 

Maternity Clothes:  I bought two maternity shirts finally! They are so cute! 

Showing:  I am! I'm not huge, but It's still nice. 

Movement:  Ahhh, I don't know! I think so! But then I don't know! I think until I see my tummy being kicked out I'm just going to be like, nahhhh. 

Gender:  Girl!!!!!

Innie or Outie:  Innie still!


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