Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Things they don't mention..

     Everyone has their own opinions about being pregnant. About childbirth. About raising your children. People will give you their opinions, their comments that you didn't ask for, and you will believe that you already know... And you will blow them off... You've read that already...
     When I first became pregnant, I was so excited. Having a boss that had been saying for weeks, "You know, I had heartburn when I was pregnant." And I would just laugh and say "Good for you!" I couldn't possibly be pregnant because I knew that when I got pregnant I would LOVE having the morning sickness. I would take it in stride. I would LOVE the moodiness. I would LOVE having the real "pregnancy experience." Because when you try and have a baby you tell yourself that all the crap that comes along with it will be SO worth it. You read about that lady who had such bad morning sickness she had to get some kind of help from the doctors. You think, I could totally take that. You don't think about the fact that she wanted her baby too, ya know. Or or you read blogs upon blogs that are titled JUST like this one, "Things they don't tell you, but I will..." I am posting this to say,
Let me tell] you to the many things I have experienced with this pregnancy. And what I have NOT. So...

1. Blogs: I read so many blogs that they all became a blur. Everyone does everything so differently. Yet, there are similar symptoms in each of our pregnancies. Some may experience the same, or different things. But one thing I'VE noticed about blogs, is that, yes, some women will tell you the raw hard truth about her pregnancy. And it will scare the crap out of you. Or they try and make it seem like it was the most blissful thing they have ever experienced. Leaving out the horrid details all together, OR the worst, trying to act like nothing horrible ever happened at all... But a lot of women who DO try and tell you all the scary stuff STILL miss the things that are embarrassing, the things I really needed to know about, which leads me to number two...

2. Hemorrhoids: If you don't know what these are; Look. Them. Up. They are awful. Awful. No one wants to put on their beautiful pregnancy blog that their tiny little poopers have been invaded by this disastrous symptom of pregnancy. And they also don't mention it aloud. And just to be clear, this is caused by the constipation, which most women DO mention when talking pregnancy symptoms. So why not mention what constipation may lead to? Because it's super gross. And some women are so lucky not to have to experience them. And you can have the perfect amount of fiber going into your body, and you can put cream on them, they don't go away. Apparently they ARE supposed to go away after pregnancy, so we shall see!!

3. Dreams: I couldn't wait to get to this one. Somehow everyone forgets to mention the fact that your dreams will become extremely intense. I have woken up thinking that my dream was REAL. Or whatever I had been feeling in the dream, I woke up with that feeling. It actually does take some getting used to. Not to mention, the sex dreams. I can't count on my hands and feet how many sex dreams I have had about my husband. I don't even tell him most of them because I blush just thinking about them. Although, I don't think my dream self could POSSIBLY be pregnant in some of those, there is just NO WAY we would be able to do some of my dreams with a big ole pregnancy belly...

4. Sex: No one wants to talk about sex during pregnancy. If you are lucky you will be with a great guy who finds that growing belly of yours SEXY. And I have actually read and heard from women complaining expressing that their significant other just finds it creepy. Which I totally understand. But that's not what I want to say. I want to let you know. If you are super super, uhm, "in the mood" and your significant other DOES approve of the sexuals, IT IS HARD. It is so hard to find a good position to have sex once you hit that 30 week mark. I can guarantee that Ton' and I have tried to "change it up" and we laugh about it too, because if you don't, you start to feel a little frustrated. Don't get frustrated. Enjoy the fact that your relationship is good enough to be able to do what you're doing. Because a lot of women either don't have a sex drive, or they have a huge one and their partner doesn't feel it.

5. Kicks: Feeling your baby move really will be the most amazing thing in the world. Feeling her move around. And as time passes, she gets stronger. And stronger. And every blog will mention this. What they don't mention. Is... Well, that these kicks, will no matter what, feel like a blessing and... a friggin curse! You didn't think your skin could stretch out that far could you? COULD YOU? You stare at your belly thinking, Oh my gosh this is hurting. How is my tiny little angel DOING this to my skin? Because then her favorite spot becomes SO SO SO SO SO SO sore. Or if you are like me, I have a short torso, your ribs become her kicking post. And I never knew that I could literally feel my ribs be SORE but I can. And you will. And just when you think she may have chosen to find something else to kick for a while to give you some relief, she is back at it. And you can't help but smile and cringe at the same time. And, yeah, I feel bad sometimes for thinking "Would you please just stop kicking me THERE." Because, hey, she doesn't know. But I have come to terms with the fact that even though, she is my darling angel, she is also hurting me. And THAT'S why I cannot wait to get her OUT. :P

I guess there is probably a lot more that  just aren't common things to know. I mean, I never had morning sickness, and I feel so bad for the women who do. Poor poor women. But I did get heartburn. I still have heartburn, and it really SUCKS! And when it gets bad enough you can't even TALK because it just burns!!
  And stretch marks, I thought I had gotten away with those little things, until about week 30, when they started showing up on one side of my belly. Putting cocoa butter on them every day, didn't work. And I have come to accept them. But of course now I have some kind of rash coming over them so they itch so badly.
One thing I have come to realize is that, everything you look up isn't true, obviously, but it can either destroy your mind all of those bad things, or it can calm you down. Who knows. Everyone's pregnancy is so different. Everyone experiences different things. I mentioned just 5 little things that no one wants to talk about, but some people don't NEED to talk about them, because they may not happen. But, it's also nice to know someone out there has the same feelings and maybe a couple of the same symptoms. Like, I don't know, maybe someone else out there grunts every time they have to get up. And by the way. Totally a real thing. I seriously GRUNT every time I MOVE. But my husband has been a trooper about it all(after he got over the crazy hormones in the beginning. He makes fun of me, but in a cute way.
 I can honestly say, I thought I was READY to be pregnant. I was READY for all of the awful things that came along with pregnancy because I thought the good outweighed the bad. But to be honest, pregnancy is both awful and amazing. It isn't just one. Because sometimes it is all worth it. Just to hear her tiny little heartbeat or to see her tiny little toes. But other times you lay in bed miserable from the soreness and the backaches, and the heartburn, and the hemorrhoids, and the dreams, and you just want a small break. So you roll over to your side, (apparently your left is just so much better than any other position. No one told me that until way way later) and you poke your belly, and you wait for your little baby to poke back. And then you just lay there with a smile on your face. Because all of that nervousness and excitedness(that's a word now) just kind of drifts off while you watch your skin stretch out and a tight mouth smile crosses your face. Don't let anyone get in your head about YOUR pregnancy, it's YOURS. And no one else's.

I love you Hadleybear! Even if you do stretch mommy's skin out and cause all of these weird things to happen for 9 months. Totally worth it to be able to hold you in only a few short weeks!
Happy 35 weeks!! 


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