Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Week 25

Week 25

How big is the baby:  She is the size of a small cauliflower! About 9in and 1.7lbs.

Weight Gain/Loss:  I have gained about 7 pounds so far.

Cravings:  Food. All food.

Food Aversions:  Still beef. That stuff is so nasty! 

People's Comments:  The most common is "You are so small for being 6 months! There is no way!" And then "You really are glowing! That is real!?"-This one has actually been said to me twice by Tony's friends. It is both sweet and kinda weird. 

General Mood:  So happy! I've been pretty stressed out for a couple of weeks but it doesn't take away from the pure happiness I feel when I think of my little angel growing in my belly.

Fears:  That my baby won't be perfect. I would obviously still love her no matter what. But I'm selfish and I want her to be perfectly healthy!

Things I was surprised by:  How hard she has been able to kick me. Sometimes it really does hurt! And she isn't even as big as she is gonna get!!

Things I am most looking forward to:  Seeing her little feet. The more she kicks me, the more I can't wait to kiss her little toes. I'm obsessed! 

What I think is Cool/Crazy so far:  Just how big I can see her getting. I can feel the hardness in my stomach and it's just so awesome! 

Stretch Marks:  Yes. All over my hips and thighs. But they don't seem to be bigger! 

Maternity Clothes:  I KNOW I should get some. But the rubber band on the button is working just fine. And my tights that look like jeans. Plus they are soft. Or I just wear a dress. 

Showing:  Yes. I am! It's exciting. My stomach is all hard and pushing itself out there!! 

Movement:  Yes! She is kicking and rolling. It's so fun! 

Gender:  She is still a girl!! I hope!

Innie or Outie:  Okay, so, weird, it's still an innie, but it looks weird!!! It's all starting to push out!!


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