Sunday, April 10, 2016

Four months!

Today, as titled, is Hadley's four months of being out in this crazy world!! (: She's growing so so fast! And she's loooong like her daddy!! She is taller than 0-3 month clothes, but she fits them otherwise. So onesies it is for now. :P She's petite and long and it's crazy!! We fall so in love with our little girl everyday. I mean, how could you not!! (: Not to mention the fact that Tony's Aunt Marin just had her baby boy and he's tiny and has so much hair!! Makes us miss the days!! But also, not miss those days!! It's so much fun to hear her giggle, to watch her learn new skills, to watch her be curious about absolutely everything. We can see her intelligence leaking through each and every day. The way she looks at things, the way she is already turning from back to front, from front to back. And she's scooting everywhere!! We have to keep an eye out for her!! The sleepless nights are taking their toll on mommy. I'm missing more gym than I'm making. Which can be frustrating, but losing the weight still helps my motivation. Eating healthy obviously helps with this process. A lot. This week can't be great, I'm on my mother nature week. I thought breastfeeding was most likely going to eliminate periods, apparently not. And the birth control I chose was supposed to do the same thing, or at least make them lighter. Not so much. The cramping is like the beginning of contractions. If you've had a child, YOU KNOW. It hurts!! But then again, not as bad as actually having a baby. So, I'm done complaining. But I can guarantee no woman wants to gym when they are on their periods.....its just not fun. But. Life goes on. Anyway, enough about lady stuff. Hadley is big. Too big. T just started a marine course. Plus signed up for another class for school. And then in two weeks we are visiting home. Our management for our apartments are new and just awful. They are never in the office. They NEVER answer their phones. And you HAVE to pay in person. They took online payment away.....Therefore, we have to pay our rent ahead of time when we go home. So that's so fun....

All in all, these next two weeks are going to be hell. Hitting the gym, Hadley needs her vaccinations, cleaning the house. Preparing it for our house sitter, doing laundry. Making sure everything is perfect for when we go home. Packing. Graduation gift. Mother's Day gift, (yes you are getting one Tracy, we already have it.) *Takes one big breath* I'm not stressed. At all. :P I AAAMMMM looking forward to seeing our family, to visiting our old church. To eating at our old restaurants. (What Mexican restaurant doesn't have white queso dip!!?) So I'm just gonna do what I have to do and focus on the goods. Thankful I have my hubby and my little girl!! So I should go, gotta stop hiding out! :P 


  1. Our girl is getting so big!!! (you got a present for ME?! that was totally not necessary!)(I'm super glad (for me AND for you!) that y'all aren't flying home on Mother's Day, though!!)
    Love you all so much & CAN'T WAIT for you to get here!!!

  2. I so excited!!! And yes, we did. Totally necessary.(: