Thursday, January 14, 2016

Post momma life

It's been more than a month. And it has been one heck of one. Hadley is growing way too fast! My nights are long and tiring. My days are longer and more tiring. T started school this week, and last night proved to be very challenging for this momma.
My body is finally back to normal. Well, a new normal. But normal.
My mind is still crazy hormonal.
My baby girl is smiling.
And pooping.
And flailing.
And crying, so much crying.
Then again, I've cried my fare share...
But any who.

I would like to say a respectful, R.I.P to my great grandfather. Who passed December 9, 2015.
Yes, I did find out during my labor. I pushed, quite literally, right through it. I will miss and love him forever and will make sure my daughter knows who he was. Along with his beautiful and amazing wife. They are a couple, probably the only couple in my family that inspire me. They were married since my great grandmother was 15, and Pawpaw AM was 18! And he died in his 90's. That. Is. A. Long. Time. And my great Grandmother was so faithful and understanding and waited on him during wars. It's kind of beautiful. I can't wait to be that for my children.

In other news, I am back to working my body out. When I can, anyway. I am starting out slow  of course, my body is still getting used to things. You'd think carrying myself for 22 years would suffice against carrying my pregnant self for 10 months. But, nope. It takes a great toll!! But the end result is still magnificent! :D

And now, I shall go back to my sweet baby girl. Who is just my whole world!!


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