Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Two plus One equals Three

I normally don't keep up with blogs.
Ask all my other unkept blogs.
They are lonely.
But this blog will be different. Because this blog...Well, I just hope I can be a blogger. :P 
But this blog will be about our growing little family!! 
So, to get to know us really fast-like::
-My husband and I have been married for 3 years in July. 
-He is 22 (23 in September)
-I'm 21 (22 in June)
-He is in the Marines 
-We have two babies; Sam and Xena...our dogs..
-I like to sew, I'm a beginner, but my mother in law thinks I have potential, or at least I like to think so. She is pretty much the queen of sewing and quilts. Seriously. Check her page.
-I like to take pictures.
( I just don't as often as I should.)
-My mom has become my bestie
-But so is Megs, and my husband lol
(I have the best bestfriends)
-My hubs and I like to play video games and  watch tv shows. 
(But we are trying to cut back on the tv watching. oops.)
-And last but not least in any way...
-I am twelve weeks pregnant with our first little peanut!
-Due December 1, 2015
((Head to Foot measurements))
((The bottom with the little feetsies I'm already obsessed with.))
((My favorite. Ever. Looks like a cute little teddy bear. Or alien. Whichever you prefer.))